neural structure

neural structure
a structure that is part of the nervous system
mamillary body, ↑mammillary body, ↑corpus mamillare, ↑ganglion, ↑reflex arc, ↑center, ↑centre, ↑nerve center, ↑nerve centre, ↑hemisphere, ↑cerebral hemisphere, ↑pyriform area, ↑piriform area, ↑pyriform lobe, ↑piriform lobe, ↑olfactory bulb, ↑brain, ↑encephalon, ↑neencephalon, ↑neoencephalon, ↑paleencephalon, ↑paleoencephalon, ↑palaeencephalon, ↑cerebellum, ↑cerebellar hemisphere, ↑vermis, ↑vermis cerebelli, ↑paleocerebellum, ↑cerebral cortex, ↑cerebral mantle, ↑pallium, ↑cortex, ↑geniculate body, ↑cerebrum, ↑medulla oblongata, ↑medulla, ↑bulb, ↑forebrain, ↑prosencephalon, ↑hippocampus, ↑cingulate gyrus, ↑gyrus cinguli, ↑telencephalon, ↑diencephalon, ↑interbrain, ↑betweenbrain, ↑thalmencephalon, ↑limbic system, ↑visceral brain, ↑limbic brain, ↑subthalamus, ↑thalamus, ↑hypothalamus, ↑midbrain, ↑mesencephalon, ↑substantia nigra, ↑nucleus niger, ↑locus niger, ↑hindbrain, ↑rhombencephalon, ↑myelencephalon, ↑pons, ↑pons Varolii, ↑brainstem, ↑brain-stem, ↑brain stem, ↑nucleus, ↑radiation, ↑spinal cord, ↑medulla spinalis, ↑autonomic nervous system, ↑ANS

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